Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association

Acquire certification for your deep knowledge of vegetables

Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association

Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association is the world's only Vegetable Sommelier certification organization.

What is a Vegetable Sommelier?

A specialist who has acquired knowledge of vegetables & fruit and delivers its charm and value to society.

Vegetable Sommelier is a private certification qualified by the Japan Vegetable Sommelier Association.
The Vegetable Sommelier's mission is to become a bridge between producers and consumers.
By acquiring a wide knowledge of vegetables & fruit essential to ones diet, such as effective cooking methods according to the specific nutrition or material, you will be able to make use of that knowledge through various work, helping families improve their health and diet.

There are more than 60,000 certified Vegetable Sommeliers and many are active in various fields including cooking classes, seminar teachers, food education programs, column writing, recipe development, and fruit and vegetable sales.

The Vegetable Sommelier Course

Acquire the knowledge of vegetables & fruit essential in daily life to change self, family and work.
Curriculum … 7 subjects total (1 subject 2 hours)

VEGE-FRU Communication

Acquire communication skills through group role playing and the ability to express your discoveries and excitement.

  1. Understand the role of a Vegetable Sommelier
  2. Learn how to deliver the charm of vegetables & fruit
  3. Express your excitement etc…

VEGE-FRU Basic (①②③)

The lecture is to learn about the production and distribution of vegetables & fruit, recognize the identity of vegetables, how to distinguish good quality, and how to preserve effectively.

  1. Classification and labeling of vegetables & fruit
  2. Characters of each type, how to distinguish good quality and its storage
  3. Create a VEGE-FRU Chart etc…

VEGE-FRU Science ①②

Learn from the viewpoint of nutrition and health, the scientific influence on the body by food, its necessity, action and effects.

  1. Nutrient basics
  2. How to select correct health information and the knowledge of lifestyle diseases
  3. Record meals, review diet etc...

VEGE-FRU Cookery

Acquire cooking coordinating abilities that respond to the material’s character and cooking tips.

  1. How to cut various vegetables
  2. Basic cooking skills
  3. Recipes that bring out the character of the variety etc…
※ The contents of the curriculum are subject to change on circumstances

How to get certified

Sign up

Attend lectures

※ 7 subjects total (1 subject 2 hours)

  • VEGE-FRU Communication
  • VEGE-FRU Basic (①②③)
  • VEGE-FRU Science
  • VEGE-FRU Cookery

Submit assignment & take final examination

(2 hour multiple-choice exam)
※ More details of the assignment will be provided at the lecture

Pass exam and receive certificate


The Association Philosophy

1. We create an environment where prosumers find pleasure, new discoveries, and excitement in vegetables & fruit.
2. We create an environment where all people engaged in the food service, and its distribution industry, including the agriculture distribution industry, have pride in working and contributing in the maintenance and promotion of public health.
3. We work to enclose the distance between producers and prosumers through mutual distribution of information.

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